Hola! This is Manik here. I love creating new things with awesome people.

There’s a lot of ground to cover but I’ll try to summarize my life as much as possible.

It may look like chaos when I spread out all my roles like this on one page, but give me some time, and you’ll feel at home.

My folks say I take time to digest.

I call it being an acquired taste.

Like wine & all the other finer things in life.

You meet me & tell me what you think!

Career Growth Expert

I guide youngsters on how to secure their dream jobs, build their personal brands, and excel at the workplace. Learn more about my services here.

For those unable to use my paid services, I’ve revealed all my core insights for free, which you can read on my blog here.

Don’t like getting knowlede in bits & pieces? Neither do I. So I’ve compiled all the blogs into my exhaustive debut book.

It is the “Bible of Job Hunting,” specially written with fresh graduates and juniors in mind. Consider it a hands-on, no-bullshit crash course for anyone looking to secure their dream job in a post-COVID digital era.

The book covers every single aspect of the process, and will make you a master in:

  • Targeting the most suitable employers
  • Crafting a stellar application docket (CV, Cover Letter, Portfolio)
  • Building your personal brand on LinkedIn
  • Acing your interview like a boss
  • Negotiating the salary of your dreams
  • Resigning gracefully (if you’re currently employed)
  • Upskilling yourself with $0 investment

Grab your digital copy here.

By passion, a Wordsmith

Writing is what defines me best, and it’s what I’d do all day if given the choice.

Usually, I stick to short pieces that you can read on your train ride back home. Check them out on Instagram.

They usually follow the common theme of all the new emotions you experience as you grow into an adult in a chaotic world. In other words, they’re just my reflections on the complications and realisations that only strike us as we age.

If you’re in your 20s, you may find some comfort in my pieces. Let me know what you think of my style.

Informative Reels Creator

When I need a break from writing, I switch to creating carousels & video content on Instagram. On this platform, I focus on more non-fiction practical stuff.

You’ll find many life hacks & free tool suggestions to increase your productivity, brand yourself better, and level up in your career. My goal is to help you save time, effort, and/or money.

Catch all my 60-second Reels on @manikrege 😋

Strategist for Brands

To put food on the table, I work as a digital marketing consultant & supervisor. This is my full-time job & chosen career pathway.

I specialize in creative project management, which basically means I lead young teams of media & comms. professionals, overseeing all the vital functions, such as:

  • Social media strategy
  • Email funnels & newsletters
  • Customer relationships
  • Editorial content
  • Product descriptions & Ecommerce planning (Woo, Amazon)
  • UI/UX for mobile apps
  • Performance (paid ad campaigns on Facebook & Google)
  • Design identity & video editing
  • PR (press releases, influencer relationships)
  • ORM (Online Reputation Management)
  • … and more

I’ve handled international brands across industries like F&B, FMCG, BFSI, fashion, sports, tech, EV infrastructure (electric vehicles), packaging, and education. I’ve dabbled into corporate, agency, and freelance arrangements alike. And I believe this versatile track record has made me an agile leader who can easily adapt to any setting & challenge.

Check out my previous work on Behance. You can also read my marketing insights on this site itself.

Coming to my credentials, I did my Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media & Communications with Monash University (Malaysia campus) in 2019 and secured the “Best Graduate Award” for my batch. I have online certifications in Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, social media, and sales.

I’m always open for part-time freelance or consultancy-based projects, so shoot me an email to discuss any opportunity.

Social Entrepreneur

I’m passionate about animal rights & protection, and have been an advocate for responsible vegan living since my childhood. I’ve volunteered at several shelters to treat, feed, and rehome stray dogs/cats in distress.

I recently launched a startup called Snugo, which uses innovation to generate profits for funding animal care projects. Check it out & do support the cause if you can!

Contact Me

Want to partner up for an exciting project? Getting in touch is easy. Hit me up on any of these channels:


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