Entrepreneur. Culture Specialist.

Digital Marketer. Builder.

Writer. Creator. Speaker.

Animal Rights Activist.

There’s lots of stuff I do. But one thing that ties it all together is my passion to make everybody feel heard & understood.

So tell me your story … I’ll try to make it ours!

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At my core, I’m a wordsmith who believes in connecting with others by telling stories that are authentic and inspiring.

On the business front, I enjoy building brands through integrated digital content strategies. For individuals, I use my expertise in branding to help them with their job hunts and career planning.

And in my free time, I collaborate with animal activists and NGOs to make this world a kinder place for all beings.

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Manik was a real gem to work with.

His attention to deadlines is second to none, and I think any business owner would admire this trait (I thoroughly did).

A willing attitude to learn also makes it easy to work with him. And most importantly never complaining about having to make amendments to a certain graphic, or copy etc.

I would recommend Manik in a heart beat.

~ Dharran Kandaiah, Gajaa at 8
(For Social Media Marketing)

He can anticipate your needs like no one else.

With his knowledge and wisdom, he has the ability to understand the client’s needs but at the same time know how the content would fit in a specific market or industry.

Anju Thawani, Brand Developer

Helping People comes naturally to him!

I feel blessed to have known this gem of a person who is always there whenever anyone needs any kind of advice, an absolute artist and the best at what he does!

Be it promoting a brand or polishing your profile, he makes sure that people look at all the great things you have to offer.

Jyeshtha Vartak, SDE

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