Your Dream Job has 249 other lovers.

250, including you. That’s the average number of people who fight to close any given opening posted online (source: GoRemotely).

How can you possibly compete with all of them? No fucking way.

Well, yes fucking way.

Because imma make you an evil master plan. Over the last 5 years, I’ve hatched one for 100+ fresh grads & youngsters, who’ve all effortlessly beaten the crowd to a pulp.

I pump you with superpowers to make it all happen:

  • Win dream job deals with high salaries
  • Become more productive at work
  • Build your unique personal brand
  • Scale up your career & skillset

“I’ve known Manik since our university days. He was always so kind to me, and he carried the same attitude when I asked him to help with my CV. His empathy & passion for helping people is infectious.”

Naomi Haveliwala
Content Reviewer at Accenture

“I was extremely nervous about my job interviews after graduation. But just a couple of practice rounds with Manik put me at ease. He showed me how to answer tricky questions with confidence & clarity.”

Subaash Chandran
Senior Advisor at Kognitiv Corporation

Never be in two minds about whether you’re “qualified” for that role.

Never feel nervous about flunking the job interview again.

Never think twice before quoting the salary you know you deserve.

Start feeling in complete control of your career moves.

I never had a Senior to teach me all the ins & outs of career planning. I had to learn them all by myself, the hard way. But you don’t have to!

Let me share my secrets with you.

Every online consultation you’ll need. And then never.

Step 1: CV Secrets

We sit down to give your current resume a serious makeover, or we can also build one from scratch. Make it highly targeted for the jobs you really want.

What makes my service unique is that I’ll explain why we made each change, so that you become a CV expert, and won’t have to hire/pay me ever again!

I’ll give you an editable template in Canva or Word, so you can edit & update it yourself in the future. I’ll also throw in a complementary Cover Letter template & teach you how to write one.

Step 2: LinkedIn Fix

You need a digital presence nowadays, whether you like showing up online are not. So we’ll first optimize your profile to show up first in recruiter searches.

Second, we’ll work on a simple, no-efforts, hands-on content strategy that’ll keep the profile active & your network growing.

I’ll also give you templates to use for DMing industry leaders & seniors in any industry, which will help you build your contact list!

Step 3: Interview X

The best way to practice for job interviews is to appear for job interviews! I’ll create a virtual “mock meeting” simulation & throw questions at you, just to practice.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get it right – that’s the whole point. By making mistakes & fumbling, you’ll slowly develop a rhythm & gain confidence. When the time comes, you’ll be relaxed & comfortable because you’ve prepared for everything!

It all begins with a free online strategy call in which I listen to your specific requirements, goals, frustrations, concerns, and problems.

We’ll tailor our road ahead as per your needs.

What other candidates say

Manik was professional throughout my entire CV review. He took the time to explain the meaning behind each change. He asked questions & gave me a chance to take the final calls, which made me feel like a part of the process.

Jovita Lewis
Reseach Student at Monash

I needed to send a job application on the same day & Manik agreed to transform my CV in an hour. He delivered on his promise & got me the job! This just shows how resourceful & fast he is at what he does! I’m proud to know him.

Jyeshtha Vartak
Tech Intern at TESLA Motors

By Profession, I’m a Marketer

By profession, I’m a digital marketing strategist, which is what makes me a natural at selling stuff – whether it’s a product or a person (in this case, you).

I’ve handled social media & content operations for 25+ startup brands across APAC. I’ve also worked with India’s hottest agency, Schbang, having tackled big brands like Amazon, MTV, Tata Consumer Products, etc.

In my free time, I feed & look after the poor stray dogs in my neighborhood. The cause of animal rights & welfare is close to my heart.

Currently in Mumbai.

My Clients always get placed in top companies…

Profiles I’ve Aced

  • Programmers & CS
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • SEO Intern
  • Microbiologist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Gemologist
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Legal Associate
  • Graphic Designer
  • Senior Auditor
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Pro Photographer

Boomers overcharge ₹8000 – ₹20,000!

I’m Gen-Z. So I got a no-bullshit ₹999 deal. Kinda like taking me out for lunch 😉

That’s like $10. For the same kind of top-notch virtual guidance you’d get from an expensive counselor!

That’s a no-brainer considering the ROI you’ll receive in terms of high salary packages from top employers.

I can afford to charge so less yet give so much value because this isn’t my full-time job. Making money is not my goal here.

I’m only doing it because I want to genuinely help YOU!

Don’t want to hire me? Fine.

It’s okay if you don’t want to jump in right away. Let me still be of bloody good use. Below is a list of blog posts that will help you master each stage of the job-hunting journey.

They contain all my core insights, compiled for you for free. Reading them is as good as getting my paid consultation, with the only disadvantage being that you won’t get my personal attention & live feedback.

Hope the writeups help. If they do, please consider sharing them with your friends, and signing up for my consultation. Cheers!

Want to get in touch directly? You can WhatsApp +91 93216 35716.

Or do it the old-school way by emailing me at manikmarketing98@gmail.com.

I’m also active everywhere on social media (unwillingly). But I take 2-3 days to respond on those accounts just so you know.

Hit me up!

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