I’ve dedicated entire years of my life to building this treasure chest of resources for marketers.

This blog is literally my life’s work and part of me knows that the right people will find it, feast on the insights and roadmaps I’ve carefully preserved, and transform them into brilliant creative work that leads to real positive change.

As I write post after post covering different aspects of the marketing process in exhaustive, I thought I’d keep one simple list of all my lists, where I could park all the free-to-use resources I’ve come across and shared with you guys through previous (and upcoming) posts.

As such, I’m sharing below for your pleasure & inspiration, a massive curation of free resources that will help you at each stage of your job! To put it simply, this is every marketer’s dream destination.

As always, I hope it helps, and if it does, do share it ahead…

Websites for Inspiration

Some wise philosopher I can’t remember said that all of men’s ideas are echoes of the thoughts from minds that came before them.

This holds true for great marketing campaigns. The more you study, the more you’ll see the patterns and connections between your saved case studies.

Good artists don’t shy away from observing their peers, extracting insights, and rehashing them in their own work, blending original thinking with hands-on learning.

As such, here’s a list of websites that can help you get inspired when you feel you’re stuck or out of ideas. For more detailed descriptions about what makes each site unique, read my extensive blog on the topic here.

Free Audio for Content

As video content takes center-stage on the internet, having a good background track will become a crucial deciding factor for the success (or failure) of each video you put out there.

So here are websites where you’ll find free, royalty-free music to use in your commercial or personal videos.

All the creators of these websites ask is that you credit them for their hard work in the captions/descriptions of your post, which I feel is a fair bargain since you’re getting to use their asset for free … and possibly even profit from it!

Free HD Photographs

Having good images increases the visual attractiveness of your blog posts, tweets, or social media graphics.

But it’s hard to find high-quality stock images that don’t come with a hefty price tag.

Thankfully, these websites host HD royalty-free photographs from artists who’ve generously donated their work, letting you use them in your content for at no cost (with attribution, but that’s not compulsory).

Graphic Design Tools

If you’re looking to get into graphic design as a career skill upgrade or simply because your situation needs you to pick it up on the side, these websites will make the journey less daunting for you.

Free Stock Footage

With TikToks and Reels becoming the most consuming media format, there’s no doubt that the future of content creation is almost all video. But producing an ad, an explainer for your new product, or even a short Reel talking about your industry’s latest trends, is time-consuming, not to mention expensive.

In such cases, you can turn to stock footage that works well with your prepared script.

The websites below give you access to HD quality, royalty-free stock clips that you can reuse in your commercial or personal work. Goes without saying, you won’t have to spend a dime.

While we’re on the subject of video creation, I made this list of websites that can help you become a pro at editing, too. Check it out for suggestions as well as some handy tips on how to shoot better Reels that keep your fans coming back for more!

AI-powered Tools

With ChatGPT leading the conversations in LinkedIn circles, the topic of Artificial Intelligence is hot in everyone’s minds.

While AI is still in its primitive phase, too nascent to actually threaten creative jobs, people who leverage these tools smartly will see themselves at a small advantage over their peers who are stuck with outdated tech.

So here are some free AI tools you can use in your daily workflow.

Do you think AI really has the potential to transform marketing? In what ways? Let me know in the comments below.

That’s it for now. I’ll be coming back to update this directory every month or so.

Thank you so much for reading! I’m excited to see how you utilize these resources to make magic…

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