Career Resources

If you’re seeking a new job or just want to step up a notch in your career/skillset, here are some quick docs or assets that might help.

List of Job Portals

Create profiles on these websites to get max. visibility on the hottest job openings. Bookmark & save them in one folder, then open it every day to scan the market.

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LinkedIn Profile Revamp

Get handy tips on jazzing up your LinkedIn profile to attract the right attention from potential recruiters, partners or investors.

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Cover Letter Template

Struggling with writing your pitch for the job application? Use this format that’s guaranteed to get you an interview call.

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Resume Color Palettes

Still using a black & white color combo for your CV? That’s so 2015. Add a splash of corporate-friendly colors to the doc & stand out from the crowd.

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Interview Research List

Look informed & confident by doing a deep scan on everything you should know before heading into the meeting.

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Live Interview Practice

Who better to consult than Google itself. Use their proprietary “Warmup” tool to practice & get AI-generated insights on how you could improve your responses!

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