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“Tired to Hired” is a monster guide on job hunting & career planning in the digital post-COVID era. I wrote it just for fresh grads & young job seekers like you.

It covers everything from application strategy to CV writing, and portfolio building to interview techniques. You’ll also learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, negotiate high salaries confidently, and resign from your current workplace gracefully.

The manuscript is complete and is currently being edited by a notable education publisher in South East Asia. It’s scheduled to launch for exclusive subscribers in February 2023.

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What’s so goddamn different about this one?

  • It gets straight to the point – No fluff or useless motivational pep talk. I hate that kind of writing that drags on so there’s no way I’m doing the same. Every page in this book contains at least 2 valuable insights that you can apply to your career right away.
  • It was written for youngsters – Most career or self-help books assume you have a base to build on, but fresh grads often face difficulty in getting initial traction. This book acknowledges the problem and provides realistic solutions.
  • It shows the whole picture – Most self-help books have scattered or isolated knowledge about one or two domains only. But this book takes you right through the entire process from start to end, leaving no stone unturned. Frankly, it’s the only book you’ll EVER need to read on the art & science of job hunting i.e. career acceleration.

Feels too good to be true? You can see the unedited draft here – it’s the real thing!

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Who the hell do I think I am?

A nobody, to be fair. Just an average joe who figured out some top-level secrets that corporate oldies don’t want you to know.

I’m a specialist in career acceleration, having helped 100+ candidates secure their dream jobs in the last 5 years. You’re gonna be my 101st!

My background is in digital marketing & social media management, which has equipped me with the skills of how to sell anything online, be it products or people.

Stalk my LinkedIn profile here. I don’t bite (unless I haven’t had coffee for 24 hours).

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