Hack Journal

If you follow me on Instagram or TikTok, you must’ve come across hundreds of my hacks & tricks. I’ve compiled the best ones on this page, so you can bookmark, view, and access them all at once!

1. Useful Google Chrome Extensions

I use these extensions to work faster & smarter when browsing online.

  • Workona Tab Manager: Saves you the hassle of opening different windows by creating “workspaces” for each task
  • Font Ninja: Figure out which font a webpage is using so you can go to Dafont & download the free version for your graphic design projects
  • Colorpick Eyedropper: Find out the exact hex code of any element on a webpage so you can replicate it for your client’s design projects
  • Window Resizer: Automatically turn your desktop screen into an iPhone mobile screen to test the responsiveness of your web page’s graphics (i.e. how would this look on a verticle screen)
  • Bit.ly Link Shortener: Shorten any long URL into a tiny bit link that can be easily shared online
  • What Runs: Find out what plugins, tools, backend tracking mechanisms, hosting, cookies, marketing software, and coding functionalities a site is using
  • Honey: Automatically applies the best working promo codes on any website you’re shopping on, saving you time & money

2. Personal Finance Apps

As a 20-year-old, I’m sick of outdated banking systems. I want modern tools to manage my finances so they can keep up with my fast-pacedl lifestyle, not the other way around. Here are my best finds!

  • Jar: Automatically converts spare change from your shopping spends into digital gold investments
  • Groww: Best mobile app for long-term mutual fund & equity investments
  • Jupiter Banking: A savvy neo bank “0 balance, 0 fees” online savings account that’s built for Gen-Z
  • Splitwise: Split expenses/bills between friends/colleagues during trips, dinners, or travel
  • Money Manager: The best budget tracking & planning app with a clean, No-Bullshit UI/UX
  • Finshots: Simplifying financial news to help you make smarter money & business decisions

3. Men’s Gifting List

Women always face a dillema when it comes to deciding what to gift their guy friends. So I asked a bunch of dudes to go to Amazon & pick items they would be happy to receive as gifts on their birthdays or happy occasions, milestones, and celebrations.

Here are the most common suggestions under ₹2000. Now you ladies don’t have to second guess anymore, because He’s sure to love it! Save & share the list with your friends.

View my list & checkout directly on Amazon India here.

4. Vocabulary Booster Series

I’m a voracious reader because of my profession as a media person. I sift through dozens of blogs, books, podcast scripts, and social media pieces every day, and that’s just for my office research, not counting everything I indulge in for leisure.

Over the years, I’ve kept a record of all the interesting words I came across online. My list will help you fill your brain not with random long-winded words but terms that you’ll actually find in the wild.

So this is a practical & relevant resource for anyone who wants to become a richer & more impactful communicator in real life.

I post new entries on my Instagram every week. Check out the Highlights of the series here. You’ll find the pronunciation & example for each term, so I guarantee it’ll be easy to remember & use.

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