I’ve been a non-fiction reader all my life so my reading was restricted to business and self-help books until not long ago.

My goal has always been to become excel at people skills so I gravitate towards books that align with it. On that note, I’ve compiled my favourite reads from the communications and personal branding genre here.

But on the suggestions of a few close friends, last month I started delving into fictional stories alongside books that dramatize real events.

And here are some of the most intense or gripping books I’ve read from those genres.

If you have a long layover and need to pass the time, or if you just want to visit a cafe and lose yourself in a story for the entirety of the day, then these reads are perfect for you.

Note that I have extremely picky and elite taste; it’s hard to impress me. So I promise you, no suggestion in this list will disappoint you!

Where to Find Free Copies

While I love the joy of holding a book in my hand (and I have pasted non-affiliate Amazon links for each of the titles mentioned below), I understand that not everyone can afford to buy them all the time so here are some cool websites that can help you find e-books to read for free!

Be warned, they may or may not still be functional!

The Silent Patient

You know how there are some books you wish you could read all over again? This is one of them.

I did NOT see the twist coming at all. This psychological thriller is so original, well-crafted, and crisp enough to be finished in a few hours.

It was written by Alex Michaelides in 2019. Highly recommended! The Amazon link is here.

Sometimes I Lie

When the protagonist in the book confesses up front that she is a liar, you know you’re in for a crazy tale.

This sly & suspense thriller was written by Alice Feeney in 2017 and I was sceptical of picking it up because of the mixed Goodreads reviews but it completely exceeded my expectations.

Get it on Amazon here.


So that was my curated list of the best fiction and dramatized non-fiction books that will grip you with their intense stories.

Which ones did you like the most? Now that you know my taste, are there any new titles you can suggest? I’d love to get my hands on them so let me know in the comments!

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