Ultimate Collection of Stylish Photography Poses for Men

I’ve always been camera-shy for as long as I can remember, mostly because of body image or self-esteem issues. But having dropped tonnes of weight lately (108 to 83 kg), I’m looking forward to getting some classy photoshoots done with my friends over the coming summer.

The peace & confidence that comes with being in shape is real, but I’ll talk about that journey in another blog post. The point is, I’m liking myself a bit more now, and this will be the first time I indulge in such an endeavor.

So I obviously have no clue about what to wear (in addition to that big bright smile), and how to pose.

To solve the first dilemma, I curated a list of great online stores that sell quirky merchandise, so I think I’m all sorted on that front. I’m putting aside a part of my salary for this purpose, and hope to go on a shopping spree in May very soon.

Coming to the second part, I’m sure my photographer frens will guide me with the location and posing, but I still want to be ready to a certain extent.

So I dug online for some great posing ideas (specifically for men, sorry girlfriends!), and here are my favorite picks. I documented it for myself, but if it helps you, too, it’ll give me some karma points, so I thought let’s just publish it on the blog, too.

Sitting down with hands on legs
Leaning forward on a wall with hand on it (placed above the head), and another hand in pocket
Standing in front of a wall, shifting weight to one side, both hands in pocket
Sitting backward on a chair with one hand resting on top, and another touching the neck
Sitting down/on a chair cross-legged with hands in front or in thinking position (below lips)
Sitting on a chair (with some depth in background) & leaning forward with hands closed in front
No-noise background, closeup face shot, with one hand in hair, leaning to the side
Squatting against a cool colourful wall background, with one hand in thinking position below lips, and another resting on legs
Leaning against a wall with both hands in pockets (thumbs out) looking to the left and smiling
Business power pose sitting on a chair and leaning forward, one hand facing front, another on knee, one leg facing straight ahead, and another behind resting on toe (slightly bent)
Leaning at an angle against a railing or platform with both hands closed, depth in the background, and subject on right side in a formal shirt
Subject looking to left with left hand below lips in thinking position, resting on right hand


So those were some of my favorite photography or modeling poses for men. I’m excited to do my photoshoot soon, and will upload it on Insta @careerswithmanik so follow me there to check out the updates.

Which poses from my list are your favorite? Do you know any new cool ones I can add to the list and try out in the field? Let me know in the comments below.

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