Best Online Stores for shopping Quirky Stuff & Gifts in India 2022

Many people are attached to brands & so they only prefer buying labeled clothing. But there are a few of us who like to explore more niche local products that are offbeat in style.

We see our fashion choices as an extension of our unique personalities, so it’s no surprise that our tastes are what the crowd would call “funky” as well.

As a proud rebel (especially when it comes to shopping), I’ve curated this list of some amazing online stores where you can buy “hip & urban” stuff like funny t-shirts, wellness products, utility items, and all other kinds of exclusive merchandise.

There are a couple of advantages to choosing these stores.

  • Firstly, you’ll find hand-picked quality products & reliable customer support as the startups depend on their growing customer base to survive.
  • Secondly, you’ll enjoy rewards & discounts if you shop on their websites directly because it saves the businesses money that they would otherwise have to pay as commission to Amazon.

Explore my list, and go buy something as a treat for yourself on payday. Even better, gift it to someone you care about at work, college, or home.

Let’s go Shopping, babe!

01Happy WagonAccessories, cups, calendars, and stationery designed by local artists
02Thela Gaadi Cute party socks from childhood: Tom & Jerry, Shinchan, Looney Tunes, etc.
03Pop it OutGraphic phone covers, air tags, air pod cases, and laptop sleeves
04Souled StoreComic t-shirts, hoodies, boxers, gym wear, and modern ethnic shirts
05Toe SmithCustomizable party-wear sneaker shoes
06Living Waters Std.Hand-painted notebooks, cushions, phone covers, and
07Happily UnmarriedGrooming & bath products for women
08UstraaGrooming & bath products for men
09Poster GullyArt wall or table posters with glass frames & lamination
104th Dimension ClubTees & fashion for science nerds
11ChumbakPremier destination for home decor, furniture, and utility items
12Frying PunPunny & fandom fashion: tees, masks, hoodies,
13India CircusKitchen gifts: cup/mug sets, serving trays, plates & dinnerware
14AdimanavRegional language fashion: Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati
15Creative DukaanTees & fashion for creatives, marketing, and advertising professionals

Some honorable mentions are Bewakoof & RedWolf (for cool tees & fandom merch), Ethik (for cruelty-free vegan leather wallets & shoes), and Prime Porter (for shirts).

Conclusion: Keep the list going

Every year, more artists & designers set up shop to share their passion with the world, and we should be supporting these local businesses.

So if you have more suggestions, please tweet them to me @manik_rege. Here’s wishing you a splendid Xmas & New Year shopping spree ahead!

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