Clever Marketing Maneuvers for your Social Media and Website

Most creative ideas are inspired. You see or hear something cool, it makes your creative muscles tingle, and a few days later, you find yourself rehashing it in another context.

This is the usual creative process. In fact, most senior artists and marketers will tell you that they just spend a lot of time minutely observing the world around them and noting down their thoughts on what they see.

It’s all about keeping your brain fed with the right kind of information. In that spirit of seeking inspiration and constantly learning, I’ve assembled an ongoing list of small but clever marketing moves that I’ve come across on social media channels or website pages online.

This is basically a huge library of digital magic tricks for ad/content geeks, so get ready to feast on carefully curated bombs of modern creativity!

Lucky Spinwheel ~ WP Forms Website

WP Forms is a popular plugin for WordPress (I don’t have to explain what it’s for), and it has an extensive blog dedicated to helping people set up and improve their WordPress websites.

Their marketing team’s goal was to capture the email IDs of new website visitors so that they could use the data to convert them into paying customers of the premium plan.

So they embedded a spin wheel popup that prompts visitors to enter a lucky draw contest by entering their name and email ID. The incentives offered range from personalized promo codes that give you 20 to 70% off on your checkout.

When I inspected the elements of this popup, I discovered it was being powered by “OptinMonster,” so you can check out their detailed blog post on how to set it up.

The e-commerce website “Fighting Fame,” which sells quirky T-shirts and apparel to Gen-Z online shoppers in India, had also activated the same plugin (last working in Oct 2021).

I’m sharing the preview below because I found their rewards/offers on the spinwheel more exciting and diverse.

There are several reasons why this maneuver is genius:

  • INCENTIVE: Instead of just asking for their emails to send spammy newsletter, they offer a clear benefit for signing up.
  • GAMIFICATION: There’s an easy challenge/action to complete and an immediately useful reward (gratification).
  • EXCLUSIVITY: You may win the discount or end up with nothing if your luck is done. So this activates your dopamine receptors. Instead of letting everyone get the prize, they make it more interesting by choosing to be selective.
  • TIME LIMIT: The real marketing begins after the customer has spun the wheel and received the promo code. Fighting Fame set a 15-min. time limit on using the promo code before it expires.
    • So you have to add your desired product to the cart and make the purchase (checkout), otherwise you lose the discount offer.
    • WPForms probably didn’t go down this road because the purchase is more complex, and their users would want more time to study the different pricing plans and their features.
    • But the basic idea of the time-limit feature is that when we stand to lose something, it starts looking more valuable and attractive. Scarcity tactics are as old as marketing itself.

So the key takeaway here is that when you’re trying to convert visitors into leads on your website (by getting them to share their email IDs), try to gamify the process.

Offer them a juicy lead magnet (PDF, ebook, resource), or give them a chance to enter a lucky draw contest. People love trying out their luck so probability-based campaigns are a quickfire way to capture valuable leads.

Personalized Tips via Story Q&As ~ Lush Cosmetics Insta

Lush Cosmetics is a US-based brand that sells eco-friendly ethical beauty, bath, and wellness products. According to their mission statement, these are all created with a passion for leading social change.

As of Oct 2021, they have 4M fans on Instagram, who they proudly call “Lushies.” They used 2 IG Story features to start a cool conversation with these customers.

By using a ‘poll’ and an ‘emoji-powered slider,’ fans could indicate their skin type (dry or oily) and the biggest skincare benefit they’re looking for (balancing, exfoliating, or moisturizing).

I discovered this series months later in their Story Highlights, so I was late to the party. But my guess is that Lush used the data to DM them a truly personalized routine (for the 6 possible combinations).

I found this idea to be genius because:

  • They made creative use of a platform’s features to engage customers in a meaningful way.
  • They didn’t just ask questions for the sake of it but actually used the feedback to create value for their fans.
  • This series started 1-on-1 product-based conversations, in which the could suggest the relevant products and actions. It must’ve surely boosted their conversation rates/sales on the site.
  • Because of all the possible combinations, they could truly personalize every response to suit each individual’s problems and requirements.

The key takeaway here is that Instagram adds cool new features to its Stories vertical every quarter, so keep your eyes
peeled wide open for the latest updates! Think about how you can use each of the tools to have fun with your old and new followers alike.

Remember, Stories are still the most engaged vertical on the platform besides Reels so create them with great care!


That concludes my rundown of clever marketing maneuvers from web pages, social media handles, or other digital channels.

But I add new entries every month, so if there’s a cool trick you’ve come across in recent times, do share it with me in the comments so that we can obsess over it together!

Here’s hoping we get to see your smart campaign or content piece on this list someday! So go make something extra-ordinary – I dare you!

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