Great FB & YouTube Paid Ads: Inspo for Performance Marketers

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With Instagram and WhatsApp under its wing, Facebook will comfortably dominate the social realm at least the next decade. This network is where the fans are most active, and it’s also where brands are placing their biggest bets.

Zuckerberg’s giant reported a whopping $20.7 billion revenue figure in 2020, with experts suggesting that most retailers are only going to spend more on this channel in the coming year because of the pandemic effect.

On the other side, recent entrants like TikTok and LinkedIn are opening up new avenues for paid advertising but they’re all in the experimental stage. For serious performance marketers, the only other reliable option we have is Google ads, which include YouTube in-stream (pre-roll) skippable and non-skippable formats.

Grabbing people’s attention on both FB and Google is also going to get tougher for us because we’re going to be competing with many other brands as well as organic posts to get our ads across.

So to inspire your best creativity, here are some of the best FB and YouTube paid ad campaigns we’ve come across in recent years.

You can use these examples to create your own unique campaign that grabs attention, drives more conversions, and reduces the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

I’ve tried to include all ad types, not just video, so you’ll see examples of statics, carousels, lead magnet forms, and other formats as well.

Sleepy Owl’s Silent Honesty

There are 2 reasons why this 30s silent ad made it to our list.

Firstly, the creators seem to understand the FB platform well. Most of us browse our feed on mute while commuting so the brand has made sure that they don’t rely on any sound whatsoever. Also, the tapping on the glass screen action (by the girl, who’s their marketing exec) makes us stop the scrolling and pay attention.

Secondly, the script/concept in itself is refreshingly honest about the attempt to sell their product. In a world where brands are trying too hard to look cool in marketing communications, Sleepy Owl’s no-fluff approach stands out.

They openly admit the heavy cost that they incurred to get the ad on the viewers’ screen, and use that element to convince the viewer to stay on till the end because watching such an “expensive” ad must surely be worth something, right?

The ambassador then conveys that they’ll let the coffee speak for itself, which I thought was a witty justification for the mute format. Overall, I think the simple, straightforward, “no bullshit” execution did the trick.

Social Samosa notes, “According to a post on LinkedIn by the brands’ Co-Founder Ashwajeet Singh, the campaign delivered 4X CTR than their average campaigns.”

I’ve analyzed more “honest” ad examples like this one in the blog post here, so do check out that collection.

Lusha’s Zuckerberg Call

Not to exaggerate but this might just be the best B2B ad we’ve come across. Within 30 seconds, it manages to:

  • Grab our attention with a funny intro
  • Address the pain point & identify the target audience (sales/marketing folks)
  • Show a live product demo with clear benefits/use cases
  • End with a juicy CTA (free trial) that’ll get you to click right away

Honestly, what more do you want? It’s a jazzy, fast-paced pitch that cuts right to the heart of the matter without being too serious or monotonous. The voiceover, background music, and script are so lively. Job well done!

Asana’s Workplace Silos

Most SaaS (Software as a Service) ads directly go to product demonstrations of the app/website tool, but that may or may not always grab attention. Asana takes a different approach to hook people in by using an analogy of “workplace silos,” the problem that they set out to solve.

By showing actual physically isolated places in the backdrop with a friendly humorous voiceover, they add life to what would’ve been just another boring skippable ad.

The idea is to show how most teams in organizations are disconnected from each other and don’t really know what’s going on. So Asana is a project management app that can help in bridging that gap by clearly showing what’s being done, who’s doing it, and what’s left to do.

Of course, the product demo is what follows this message but by the time we get there, the audience has absorbed the core proposition of the product quite clearly and is ready to be sold to.

This is a great example of how you can make your B2B product fun by using analogies and humor to address the customers’ pain points and subtly convey the problem that you’re trying to solve with relatable storytelling/examples because that’s what people will actually remember instead of the facts/sales pitches.

Fluffy Company’s Bean Bag

I don’t have the cash to buy this product, but if I was rich, I’d buy it just to appreciate the creators of the ad. It’s so funny & refreshing, a great break from the monotonous “Buy Now” ads I usually come across & scroll right by.

  • Rather than showing a plain product, they humanize the bean bag by giving it a name & personality (Baloo)
  • They smartly show many use cases & introduce the superior benefits/USPs of the bag through live demonstrations
  • The caption is short but enticing, which hooked me in to watch the video: “The Bean Bag Re-invented! A giant soft & squishy zero gravity bean bag which can be used in multiple positions.”

Humor is truly a timeless tactic to attract any kind of audience. So try to infuse your products with a mascot-like personality & watch your prospects connect with the brand more intimately.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the public comments under the posts, everybody seems to have loved it!


So that concludes our list of the top paid advertising campaigns from YouTube and Facebook. Which ones did you find interesting and why? Do you have any more case studies that are worthy of a mention on this list?

Comment your take below!

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