Instagram extends reels to 60 secs

Person holding phone in hand, browsing through an Instagram Reels feed for 60 secs

Instagram Reels can now go up to a whole minute (60 secs), starting Tuesday. They were previously restricted to 15 & 30 secs since the launch in August 2020. The announcement of extending the time limit for popular short-form video format came via Twitter.

This may allow content creators to streamline their videos on both IG and TikTok. The latter offers the same time limit option, the longest alternative being 3 minutes (180 secs). But if you’re staying in the 1-min. range there, you won’t have to spend time repurposing the video by cutting or speeding it up.

Experts have pointed out, however, that IG’s Reels recommendation algorithm doesn’t like watermarked videos so you should erase your TikTok watermark if you’re importing the video from there. In fact, you’re just better off creating videos in Premiere Pro CC (or any other editing software), exporting it without any watermark, and then cross-posting it across all channels.

Source: The Verge

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