Now TikToking can get hired at your dream company

The short clips giant has partnered with companies to let you search job openings and submit a creative video career pitch using its cool animation features & filters.

The #TikTokResumes program is currently being tested in the US but will expand globally. Beta partners include Chipotle, NASCAR, ATTN, Target, WWE, Meredith, and Shopify.

The company’s FAQ page explains, “Companies will receive your TikTok resume each week until the completion of the program. Each company has its own process for the next steps. Some companies will email you to kick off the interview process. Other companies might reach out and request for you to enter your information into their applicant tracking system. If a company has not selected you, you might not receive any communication.”

This initiative comes against the backdrop of #TikTokCareers, a space under which many serious career coaches are putting out densely packed, high-value content to educate their young audience on everything from writing an impressive CV to managing conflicts at work.

The millions of views and engagement on such channels prove that TikTok is moving away from its brand as a pure entertainment platform for dances and music. Gen-Zs are now flocking here in search of quick “hacks” to become better and learn something productive.

TikTok’s edge lies in its short and feature-rich video format. This makes it a potential threat for LinkedIn or Facebook’s empire, which are only beginning to develop similar kinds of arsenal to keep their audience engaged for sustainable periods of time. Think of how Reels, Fleets, and Stories were all triggered to keep up with the Tok.

So only time will tell how TikTok evolves, and what kind of new avenues it explores to make our lives better in ways other social giants may not have thought of before.

Sources: TechCrunch, TikTok Resumes Blog

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