How to learn and become better with Social Media

Gen-Z’s often get slack from adults for all the time they spend on social media, mindlessly browsing through feeds that are designed to rot their minds and distract them from doing anything meaningful.

Yes, we’ve all sat through ‘the talk.’ About how our digital lifestyle triggers depression, unhealthy habits, loss of productivity, low self-esteem, and above all, an imposter’s syndrome from watching all our friends and influencers lead a more exciting life, or at least create that illusion.

But is social media doomed to only affect us negatively?

I disagree. I want to prove that platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn CAN all have a very positive impact on your life. And I think it’s all about the accounts we follow, which is something that we still have control over.

As a result, I’ve curated a list of must-follow social accounts that will educate, inspire, and fuel your creativity.

These include topics such as:

  • News & current events (simplified)
  • Tech, online & PC hacks
  • Health, fitness & wellbeing
  • Positive & mindful living
  • Life skills (cooking, job hunting)
  • Personal finance & business
  • Language & communication
  • Knowledge from books & pop culture
  • Creativity tutorials
  • Travel hacks

PRO TIP: I recommend creating a separate private account and then following all these handles at once. That way, it won’t clash with your personal feed, which you can reserve for your friends, crushes, and role models/celebrities.

If you follow via your personal account, you’ll risk mixing up your learning and leisure times. Also, following too many handles at once might clog up your feed, and you may miss out on quality content that gets lost in the algorithm.

So the next time your parents tell you to switch off the phone and get back to real learning, show them your custom ‘educational feed!” I guarantee that they’ll request you to help create an account for them as well, so that they can get a burst of value, too!

Access the G-Sheet here or preview it below.

If you have more accounts to suggest, please let me know in the comments below so that I can check & add them to our list. Happy learning!

Published by Manik Rege

Hey there! Full disclosure, I'm a bit of a mess. But my interests range from Career Growth Strategy to Marketing & Branding, and Animal Rights to filter coffee. Same vibe? Tweet to me @manik_rege.

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