BOO! Halloween Inspiration for Marketers

Coming up with original ideas on the move is scary business. But we marketers manage to pull it off every shopping season, one of which happens to be Spooktober.

On the account of Halloween, here are some of the best topical graphics, video commercials, and brand activation campaigns. I promise that these picks are full of creative tricks AND treats to please inspiration-hungry brain, so enjoy the ride!

Best Halloween Statics

To kick off the party, here are some hauntingly good print ads with witty copy and/or art direction. All copyright credits belong to the original creators.

Nike’s Run for your Life

It’s no surprise that being active will help you escape most major diseases. But Nike goes one step further (pun intended) with this hilarious commercial, starring a psycho murderer.

The story shows that if you ever find yourself in such a company and have to make a run for it, your Nike shoes and fitness levels could make all the difference! So don’t postpone your exercise tomorrow and just do it today!

Fanta’s Scream Machine

Offlimit Communications decided to set up a quirky vending machine in Montecasino, South Africa. Instead of putting in nickles to get your Fanta, you had to scream as loud as possible and hit the meter to earn your drink.

There was a tiny surprise hidden towards the end as well, but I don’t want to spoil it, so go watch the video!

I love the direct engagement this created between the brand and the customers, with an easy challenge and an instant reward baked into the campaign.

Dulux-painted Walls

At first, I had no idea where this premise was going. Because it uses horror movie tropes so perfectly and then shocks the audience with a funny twist when you least expect it.

Whichever genius came up with this idea certainly deserves to keep the ghost-proof mansion for themselves!

Burger King’s Clown Night

No blog post is complete without a mention of Burger King or McDonald’s antique. In this episode, BK set up a brilliant campaign to troll its old rival.

The first 500 people to visit select BK stores in the States dressed as clowns were promised a free Whopper burger, and the promo was kicked off with a creepy clown-filled video under the hashtag #ScaryClownNight.

People loved the direct slap on Ronald the mascot’s face, but I’m pretty sure that was one company that must’ve not found it funny at all.

Geiko’s Horror Parody

What’s something every horror movie has? Stupid characters who show common sense in stressful situations.

Geiko pokes fun at this trope and urges customers to make a wiser decision by buying car insurance with them to get a 15% discount.

So those were some of the best marketing campaigns and ads for the Halloween season. Do you have any cool suggestions that we could add to our follow-up list next year? Tell us in the comments!

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