100 Subreddit Forums Every Digital Marketer Should Follow

Reading Time: 6 mins.

Reddit calls itself “the front page of the internet.” And that claim is more than fair. As one of the hottest sites on the web – ranking 18th in global traffic & engagement – this jungle of forums is a treasure chest for anyone wanting to learn, have quality discussions, or just browse cute puppy pics & cry alone…

BTW, here’s one from r/aww. 👇

r/aww - Lolita’s first night at home!

Now, in case you just got back from a decade-long hibernation, the “r” in r/aww represents a “subreddit,” (short: subs) which is a forum dedicated to a specific topic, group, or purpose.

Today, we’re going to explore 100 must-join subreddits for marketers. These will help you gain practical knowledge, stay on top of trends, network with others in the industry, and basically improve as a professional.

My hand-picked list covers a range of topics like:

  • Content & copywriting
  • Design & video (creative)
  • Social Media
  • Analytics & SEO
  • Freelancing & online work
  • Business, startups & entrepreneurship
  • News, pop culture & media
  • Tech, productivity & tools

I’ve collected them in a “custom feed.” This feed automatically organizes the hottest posts from all subs. So think of it as reading a fresh newspaper every morning, except this one is specially made for marketers.

You can follow my feed as it is (recommended), or duplicate & edit it further: reddit.com/user/sexysamosa98/m/marketers_feed/

And below is an extracted library (with a few additions), in case you want to build your own from scratch, or simply join the communities you like…

P.S: Don’t ask me about my username lol 😂

Core Groups


Growth & Work

Learn Stuff

Ask & Discuss




Networking & Jobs


That brings us to the end of my list. I hope it’ll help you start your journey through the wonderful wormhole of knowledge that Reddit can be if used responsibly.

Did I miss any important subs or points? Do mention them in the comments! Also, let me know which ones are your favorites. I’d be thrilled to hear your take on the relevance of Reddit to marketers, too!

So let’s get talking below!

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