How To Create a Brief For Your Social Media Projects

Reading Time: 3 mins.

Ask any social media manager what’s the most difficult part of their job, and they’ll probably say it’s understanding what’s in the client’s (or their boss’) head.

As someone who has worked in the field for 5 years, I know for a fact that creating good content is only half the battle. You also need to be able to manage the expectations and needs of those who approve the post.

This can seem impossible, given the countless revisions our supervisors or business partners ask for. It often feels like they don’t even know what they want.

But the confusion can be reduced largely by demanding a brief, which the requester of your post/content must fill before assigning the project to you.

Having a brief in your docket is great because:

  • It can help you identify exactly what the client/requester wants in one go rather than chasing them for weeks
  • It serves as proof of the request (in case they claim they never wanted it like this – this happens a lot in agencies!)
  • It makes our job as content creators a lot easier by organizing all the necessary information & resources in one place
  • It serves as a good reference for future projects

Agree with me? Well then, here’s a template to get you started on your next project. Download the G-Sheet here, or preview it below.

I’ve also included examples & reasoning to help you understand why asking that particular question is important.

Did I miss any crucial points? Have you always been using this type of documents? Let me know about your opinions & experiences in the comments! I’m excited to hear your take on this!

Thank you & all the best.

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