How To Hunt & Apply For Jobs: Smart Strategies

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Welcome to the first episode of my “On-The-Hunt” blog series that’s all about finding a job you love. Talking about job search, it took me six months to find my first ever gig in marketing.

That makes 183 days, each of which I spent asking myself one painful question, “Am I even worth it?” My parents had spent their fortunes to send me abroad for my undergrads. And I’d always scored the highest in class, bagging many awards for it throughout my course. So I was confident that reaching the corporate world would be a short stroll through the park.

When that didn’t happen, my self-confidence shattered like an egg smashed against the wall. My will to go on withered. I just wanted to go back home. Research says I’m not the only one who has experienced this state of self-doubt, hopelessness, and confusion. In fact, a 2018 study done with University Graduates in Korea found that about 35% and 15% of their sample size showed clinical levels of depression and suicidal thoughts respectively during job hunts. 

So you’re definitely not alone if you’ve ever felt anxious or uncertain about the future. This entire process does take a toll on your mental health. It’s unpredictable, lonely, and hard to cope with. Especially when the rejections start piling up! Or worse, when you end up with no feedback… only radio silence. It paralyzes you, doesn’t it? 

So give yourself a pat on the back for trying; this isn’t easy at all. And that’s why you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for guidance either. All of us could use each other’s help.  


The Series

When I found myself at this breaking point three years ago, a kind marketing professor volunteered to help me get back in shape. She taught me some really effective hunting techniques. They got me hired at a fintech in just two weeks. 

In the next six episodes, each nearly 20 mins. long, I’ll be passing on some of her knowledge to you. Read on if you’re looking for new opportunities anytime soon. My goal is to help jobseekers- especially young graduates- cut through the competition and land that dream gigs as quickly as possible. 

The line-up of our series goes like this: 

  1. Make a Job-Search Strategy
  2. How to craft a Killer C.V
  3. Why attach a Cover Letter
  4. DIY your Portfolio
  5. Acing the Interview
  6. How to Resign gracefully

Read to roll? Go to the next page for our first episode.

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